Code of Veggie Soup

Be aware
notice patterns
address systemic barriers
Acknowledge the error
have a further responsibility
avert the harms caused by violence and abuse
suspect that an adverse event has occurred
Consider abuse as a possible factor
Routinely inquire about physical, sexual, and psychological abuse as part of the medical history
participate in the political process
Base fees (if any) on reasonable costs
pay a reasonable amount
play a role in decision making
Encourage shared decision making
Advocate for change
make changes in their own lives
violate state practice laws
make it difficult to manage
Support research that examines health care disparities, including research on the unique health needs of all genders, ethnic groups, and medically disadvantaged populations, and the development of quality measures and resources to help reduce disparities
Recognize that over reliance on financial incentives may undermine
come into contact
encourage the partner
require extensive involvement
be affected by other
explain the nature
seek treatment within the context
Advocate for healthier schools, workplaces and communities
eliminate biased behavior
increase the diversity
share an ethical foundation
better understand factors that can influence patients’ health care decisions, such as cultural traditions, health beliefs and health literacy, language or other barriers to communication
take appropriate action
Choose the course of action that requires fewer resources
reduce the volume
Be transparent about alternatives
bring changes to medicine
pursue life
have a right to know
increase awareness
distinguish the limits of their medical knowledge
detect rare or unexpected consequences of use of a drug
manifest in a variety of subtle ways
Cultivate effective communication
Establish mechanisms to monitor the effect of new institutional arrangements on patient care and well-being
be dedicated to providing competent medical care, with compassion and respect for human dignity and rights
create conditions for practice
practice at their full capacity, but not beyond
support access to medical care for all people
provide the same quality of care to all patients
balance dual responsibilities to promote the welfare and confidentiality of the individual patient, and to protect public safety
balance individual liberties with the social goals of public
Develop educational materials and programs
maintain a healthy lifestyle